About Tapanju

The inspiration behind Tapanju was born out of a conversation about how certain food and drink traditions seem to transcend cultural lines.  Tapanju strives to create a refined but warm atmosphere that elevates your entire dining experience. Whether shared over a bottle of wine or a bottle of soju, it’s not just about the food or drinks at the table, but also about the company, the laughs you share, and the flavorful bites in between.

Tapanju comes from “tapas”, the Spanish word for small plates and “anju”, the Korean word for foods paired with alcohol. The innovative menu combines familiar flavors you know and love with a touch of something new. Our cross-cultural menu boasts high-quality ingredients and pairs perfectly with your drink of choice.

So whether you’re craving a savory snack, a full-on meal, or just some good ol’ Turntable Chicken – come on by, relax, and enjoy our refreshing new take on some comforting old classics!